Anomalia was born in Paris by the meeting of two dancers and aerial acrobats: Solène Tran and Alice Delva.
We mix aerial dance and experimental music, which allows us to develop new and unique dynamics of our company.

We rely on the influence of electronic music to search for a new gestural vocabulary.
Indeed, in the 70s, composers use pre-existing music samples in electronic machines. This allows composers to recreate the music from this time.

It is in this spirit that our choreographies use acrobatic body language punctuated by the softness and expressiveness of dance, in contrast or in accordance with the energy of electronic music. And so by following the same process with electronic music, we are able to transfer dance from the ground, into the air.
Aerial dance allows you to leave the grounded reality and ascend into a dream.

During aerial dance the body loses its bearings and must reorient itself into a new space, thereby nourishing a new gestural vocabulary. This allowed us to see things as a new point of view and to find a different sensitivity.
Thus, we use unusual spaces to create a dialogue with architecture. Giving a new look and use to the spaces that we thought familiar.

Our artistic universe conveys different adaptations by using multiple aerial supports: wall dance, suspended in the air, with pulleys or bungee elastics.



Solène began aerobatics in the circus arts at the age of 8. She has completed professional training in circus arts specializing in corde lisse and fixed trapeze. In conjunction with her university studies in Sciences and Technology of Physical Sports Activities where she discovered contemporary dance and aerial dance. She helped create a student company in 2008, De L’Air Dans L’Art, where she explored dance-climbing. She became a professional from working with companies;“Les Passagers” and “Retouramont”, after which she co-created her first company“Ascendance Vertical”. She continues her training with various existing companies in the aerial field, including but not limited to: Retournamont, Les Passagers, “Il Posto”, Kate Lawrence, Lindsey Butcher, Fidget Feet, Lee Clayden.


Alice began studying classical dance at the age of 4 in her hometown of Verona, Italy. During her university studies in Venice, she co-founded the aerial fabrics company “Le Rivoltelle”. Following this, she begins to take vertical dance lessons with Wanda Moretti and falls in love with the technique. At the same time she develops her interest in photography as another means of expression. In 2016, she decided to move to Paris to get closer to an artistic atmosphere more conducive to her two passions. She continued her training with the company “Retouramont” and began working with the company “Les Passagers”, then she founded her personal project “Pholie” where she mixes aerial dance and photography. Recently, she attended a MA in Photography and Video at Goldsmiths University and she performed in London with Scarabeus Aerial Company for their 30th Anniversary party.



The technical management, embodied by the Climb With Us team, including Nicolas Grière, is an essential element in the performances. Climb With Us is responsible for the technical installation of the hangers, which is accredited by professionals. They ensure the safety of the performers and the audience during the show.